Motor Accidents

motor accidents

Motor accidents can be life changing, but unfortunately, they are one of the most common ways of sustaining an injury. Our solicitors are trained and experienced in handling claims concerning motor accidents and will ensure you receive the best level of service possible. Losses consequent to the accident will also be considered and may include a claim for loss of earnings if time off work was needed, travel expenses, prescription costs, and care and assistance in the event help is needed with care following the accident due to the injuries sustained.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motor accident, that wasn’t your/their fault, and have sustained an injury as a result, then Ackers & Co. Solicitors can help. Whatever your situation, we have a team of dedicated personal injury solicitors who are ready to assist and who will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. Motor accidents are traumatic experiences and could leave you with injuries from mild bruising or whiplash to serious, life-altering head and spinal injuries. Being involved in a road accident; may entitle you to claim compensation.

Here at Ackers and Company we pride ourselves in ensuring all of our clients obtain the level of compensation they are entitled to, to make certain their recovery and quality of life is assured. Our specialist road traffic accident claims team, work quickly and sensitively, to make sure you receive the right level of compensation and care.

We will also work to get compensation for damage to your car, motorbike or bicycle and also to recover damages for injuries and expenses resulting from your motor accident including:

  • past and future loss of earnings
  • loss of pension entitlement
  • policy excess or the value of your vehicle
  • hire car charges
  • past and future private treatment fees
  • medication costs
  • property damage
  • care costs
  • aids and appliances
  • travel expenses

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