At Ackers & Co., we will help to guide and assist you in all areas of personal injury law. Our specialist team of solicitors possess an established reputation and will offer you expert advice in resolving your personal injury claim. We know that Injuries are more than inconvenient at the best of times, but they can inflict a larger impact if they keep you away from work, take you away from the family or burden people who care for you. Our team of personal injury solicitors are experienced in everything from Accidents In The Workplace to Product Liability Claims. With Ackers & Co., you are best placed for expert, confidential legal advice, for your claim.

Accidents will happen, often through no fault of your own and if this is the case you may be able to claim compensation. It will not cost you anything to find out if you have a claim. Simply call us to arrange an appointment for a free initial interview or to request a call back.

We will not dazzle you with unnecessary promise. Our success rate and expertise in maximising compensation speaks for itself.

We offer No Win No Fee Agreements in appropriate circumstances to fund your claim. We pay the full compensation costs we recover, on your behalf. We do not expect you to pay for anything during the course of your claim or sign up to complicated loan agreements. As solicitors we believe we are best placed to advise you as to the likelihood of your success and correct level of compensation. We are proud to say that most of our clients, are referred to us by other satisfied clients. If you wish to discuss a potential personal injury claim.